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About us

Surly Girl Soap is a woman-owned and family operated handmade soap and body care company dedicated to honest, straightforward and no bullshit skincare. Intentionality and thoughtfulness are our guiding principals and resonates throughout every product we make.

Estate grown, foraged and wildcrafted native flora are blended with the highest quality ingredients purchased from trusted, cruelty-free sources. The "Viriditas" or "greenness" is used from each season which is the foundation from which we create our active botanical formulations. Nature has the keys to our health and our ethos is to use what the earth provides us - with care. We are lead by our inspired curiosity to create multi-functional products that nurtures you-mind, body and spirit.

Surly Girl celebrates women who pursue knowledge and truth, regardless of consequences. These often unsung heroes continue to embolden and inspire us and we celebrate their accomplishments through the products we make.

We reject mediocrity and refuse to sacrifice integrity in the pursuit of profit. We believe in taking care of your body. Whether that's through food, exercise or the products you put on your skin. You only get one body. It's your machine. We are here to help take care of it.

That's the Surly Girl way.

 Surly Girl Soap products are formulated, produced and packaged in New Vernon, NJ.

If you need to reach us, we can be contacted at

Or write us (we love getting mail or postcards):

Surly Girl Soap Co. LLC.

PO Box 204

New Vernon, NJ 07976